The Summer Hope Foundation has been part of the fight against cancer since 2002, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support those who must endure cancer. 


Our Mission

The Summer Hope Foundation is a federally recognized, 100% volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope in the fight against cancer. 

Our mission is simple: To provide moments of hope in the fight against cancer to those who must endure it. We are proud of our internal programs, such as The Hope Package sent to cancer patients. The Annie Alahverdian Fund for Mothers with Cancer and the Steven Alvarez Fund for Children with Cancer, provide support for mothers, children and their families who have been touched by cancer. 

A focus of our organizations is also to provide funds to other organizations such as the American Cancer Society & Memorial Sloan-Kettering, who are funding important research to find the answers to cancer. 

What We've Achieved

  • Underwrite the Kathy Stewart Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually to a nursing student who has been touched by cancer.

  • $10,000 donation to Jamaica Hospital Hospice Unit

  • Citation of Excellence from Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County Executive & New York State.

  • Provided A Mother's Gift scholarship to Long Island High School seniors.

  • Donated thousands of dollars worth of art supplies to local pediatric cancer centers.

  • $10,000 underwriting of 10 children who’s families have been touched by cancer to Camp Kesem.

  • Provided hundreds of Hope Packages to cancer patients nationwide.

  • Annual sponsor of Hope Lodge NYC Thanksgiving Dinner for cancer patients.

  • Launched iPad Project to provide iPads to local Pediatric Cancer Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

  • Donated over $100,000 in support to the American Cancer Society.

  • Funded DVD library at Cohen Children's Hospital.